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What's Here


Climbing Centre

Shop & Refreshments

Spectators & Facilities

Flow Room - Room 1

Street / Jump Room - Room 2

Mini Ramp Room - Room 3

The Shop

We have had a successful shop for as long as the park has been running. We started over 25 years ago now, with little more than a few helmets, decks and wheels, but soon expanded into the well stocked pro-shop you see here. We always stock the latest products and pride ourselves on knowing everything about the items we sell. Please be aware that the items you see here on our website are only a guide of what products we currently have in and we receive new stock weekly. Visit our Online Shop for some of what we offer.


Our Snack Bar is open all the time and although we don't do a massive range of hot food we have just enough to keep you going.

Our coffee machine is popular with the parents if you like a frothy coffee, moccachino, hot chocolate or just a good old cup of tea or a flavoured tea starting at £1.50. We offer a wide selection of cold drinks from cup drinks at 30p, cans, bottles and energy drinks to keep you going. Our slush machine is a firm favourite with the kids to cool them down after a session.

We have a great selection of chocolate, sweets and crisps and for something a little more substantial we serve pot noodles and delicious pizzas can be baked anytime.

We also have a free water fountain so bring a reuseable bottle or get yourself a Revolution one and stay hydrated!

Refreshments - Revolution Skatepark & Climbing Centre

Free Parking

Parking at Revolution is completely free.

We have a large car park located right at the front of the Skatepark as well as other spaces available outside in the surrounding areas.

We also have a bike shed if you need to lock up your bike whilst your here.

Free Parking - Revolution Skatepark & Climbing Centre

Spectator Areas

We have many spectator areas. Our main areas are comfortable enclosed rooms located above the climbing centre and one is above the skatepark.

These two areas are designed for any parents or guardians who would like to sit away from the action whilst still being able to view it all from above.

We also have other fenced off areas including the picnic area all which allow front row seats for all the action.

All spectators must stay in these areas and not on the ramps.

Spectator Areas - Revolution Skatepark & Climbing Centre

Air Bag

The Air bag allows you try tricks you never thought possible. The Air bag is out certain sessions through the month, please email us or phone 01843 866707 to confirm.

VIP Room

We have 2 VIP private rooms which really add the icing on cake to a Birthday Party or any special occasion. Each room is a spacious comfy area which you will have for the duration of your visit. The rooms include a dining area, sofas and either a free play air hockey or table football depending on the room.

VIP Room - Revolution Skatepark & Climbing Centre


  • Free water fountain – bring a bottle or buy a Revolution one!
  • Free Wi-Fi – Please ask for password
  • Free Lockers – £1 in £1 out
  • 24 Hour CCTV – for your protection and safety
  • Toilets located left of the car park
  • We accept most major credit cards. We also offer contactless payment!