Opening Times and Prices

Please be aware that if you just want to take part in a session, there is no need to book in advance.  For anything involving either Parties, Lessons or the use of an Instructor, you will need to book in advance.
*Monday and Thursday we are only open 10-4pm during School and public holidays. We are closed during school term time.

Monday              10-4*

Tuesday             10-10

Wednesday       10-10

Thursday           10-4*

Friday                 10-10

Saturday            10-10

Sunday               10-8

*Monday and Thursday we are only open 10-4pm during School and public holidays. We are closed during school term time.

Skatepark Session Times


Skatepark Session Prices

Admission £7

All Day Skate £18

Hire Equipment (2 hours)

Helmet £1.50
Wristguards  £1.00
Elbow Pads £1.00
Knee Pads £1.00
Scooter £3.50
Skateboard £3.50
Inline Skates £3.50
Full Package £5.00 (Helmet + Pads + Scooter, Skateboard or Inline skates)

3 hours for the price of 2

Tuesday 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Wednesday 7:00pm – 10:00pm

BMX/Bike Sessions

Wednesday   8pm – 10pm (brakeless)

Saturday       4pm –  6pm

Sunday         4pm –  6pm

Sunday         6pm –  8pm (brakeless)

Session Info

The skatepark runs in 2 hour sessions starting at 10am each morning, 10-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm, 8-10pm.  All sessions are mixed with the only exception being BMX which specific sessions through the week are outlined above.  A BMX will be able to ride any session depending on how busy the session is but to guarantee entry come along for one of the BMX sessions.  Skateboard, scooter etc are allowed entry to any session including BMX sessions.

Climbing without ropes

Bouldering ( For all ages and abilities)

The Climbing wall has no set session times and you will be given up to 1.5  hours in the centre from the time of arrival (most people will climb on average between 1 and 1.5 hours). For bouldering the low level walls (about 4.5m) you don’t need to book in advance and costs £7 per person.  We also offer Trials and Tasters which will give you the chance to try rope climbing as well as bouldering all of which will need to be booked in advance in person or over the phone on 01843 866707.

Session Prices

Bouldering £7pp – Low Level climbing for all ages and abilities.  Suitable for everyone this does not require booking in advance.

Hire Equipment (2 hours)

Shoes = £3                         Harness + belay = £3.50

Chalk bag = £3                  Helmet = £1.50

Climbing with ropes

Climbing Trial (For all ages and abilities)

Climbing trials give you the opportunity to try bouldering (low level climbing) on all our walls followed by top roped climbs with our instructor, sessions lasts approximately 1.5 hours

1-3 people= £15 per person

4-7 people= £12 per person

8 + people= £10 per person

Climbing Taster (For over 7s and all abilities)

Climbing Tasters include the use of climbing shoes, bouldering (low level climbing) on our all of our walls, followed by top roped climbs and an abseil with our instructor. Sessions last approximately 1.5 hours.

1-3 people= £20 per person

4-7 people= £17 per person

8 + people= £15 per person

Competent Climbers

If you would like to use ropes yourself at Revolution you will need to complete a competency test to prove to us that you can belay safely. This will involve showing our instructor you can use harnesses, belay devices, tie a suitable knot and are able to lower a climber safely. There is a £5 fee to carry out this test and it is advisable to book. Staff are always checking techniques and procedures and anyone using equipment incorrectly which could result in an accident will need to redo a competency test.

£7 normal entry per person

£5 registration per person

This can not be booked online as we need to make sure we have an instructor available at your chosen time and date. Please phone 01843 866707 or email to book.