Opening Times and Prices

Revolution is an indoor skatepark and climbing centre for Skateboards, BMX, Rollerblades, Scooters and all types of Indoor Climbing, located in Broadstairs, Kent, England. As well as having a premium Skate, Surf and Climbing shop, we also offer lessons, parties and a mobile skate setup.

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Revolution Skatepark - Opening Times and Prices

Please be aware that if you just want to take part in a session, there is no need to call to book a place. The sessions are open to everyone and do not require pre booking. For anything involving either: Parties, Lessons or the use of an Instructor, you need to book in advance.


Skatepark opening times

Monday 10  -  4pm Only on School and Public Holiday. Phone to confirm
Tuesday 10  -  10pm
Wednesday 10  -  10pm
Thursday 10  -  4pm Only on School and Public Holiday. Phone to confirm
Friday 10  -  10pm
Saturday 10  -  10pm
Sunday 10  -  8pm

Please call us if you are unsure about any of our opening times and prices


As a one off we have a private hire from 6pm till 8pm on Saturday 3rd October so will be closing the Skatepark to the general public at 6pm.  We will be offering a cheaper ALL DAY price of £15. This doesn't effect our Climbing Centre and will we will still be running Climbing Club as usual.

Skatepark Session Times

10 - 12pm   BOOK ONLINE
12 - 2pm   BOOK ONLINE
2 - 4pm   BOOK ONLINE
4 - 6pm   BOOK ONLINE
6   - 8pm   BOOK ONLINE
8 - 10pm   BOOK ONLINE

You do not have to book online you can just turn up at the start of any session and ride.

Session Prices

Admission £6

Spectator £1

All day skate £18   BOOK ONLINE

3 for 2 Sessions

Tuesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Hire Equipment (per 2 hour session)

Helmet             £1

Wrist guards     £1

Elbow Pads      £1

Knee Pads       £1

Skateboard       £2.50

Scooter            £2.50

Inline Skates    £2.50

Hire all equipment £4.50 per session

Entry plus all hire equipment £10.50

To hire equipment all day, we charge for 3 sessions only

BMX/Bike Sessions

Wednesday   8pm - 10pm (brakeless)   BOOK ONLINE

Saturday       4pm -  6pm   BOOK ONLINE

Sunday         4pm -  6pm   BOOK ONLINE

Sunday         6pm -  8pm (brakeless)   BOOK ONLINE

You do not have to book online you can just turn up at the start of any BMX session and ride.

Bikes may be allowed into any other session if it is not too busy. (This can only be determined at the start of the session). Helmets must be worn by all bikers at all times and bikes must have at least one working brake unless on a specified brakeless session.


2 hour session £1


There is no charge for Parents or Guardians to come and watch, however you must stay in the designated spectator areas. Spectator charge listed above is for non parent or guardian spectators.

Block Sessions

Buy a block session and save money. Pay £30 and recieve 5 sessions + 1 free. Pay £60 and recieve 10 sessions + 3 free. Terms and conditions apply.

Block Sessions