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Refreshments from our Snack Bar

Our Snack Bar is open all the time and although we don’t do a massive range of hot food we have just enough to keep you going. Our coffee machine is popular with the parents if you like a frothy coffee, moccachino, hot chocolate or just a good old cup of tea starting at £1.00. We offer a wide selection of cold drinks from cup drinks at 30p, cans, bottles and energy drinks to keep you going. Our slush machine is a firm favourite with the kids to cool them down after a session. We have a great selection of chocolate, sweets and crisps and for something a little more substantial we serve pot noodles, hots dogs and some delicious pizzas can be baked anytime.

Hot dogs and Pizzas
Refreshments food and drink

Food Package

If you would like to take advantage of our food package for after your session you will need to book in advance.  The food package is for a minimum of 6 people.

Based on 10 people we offer a great spread for kids including the following

5 X 10inch Pizzas                    10 X Sausage Rolls

10 X Packs of Crisps               2 X Pack of party rings

10 X Waffer bars                     10 X Cake Bars

10 X Slush drinks                 Blackcurrant/Orange Squash and water as needed

Just £5.50 per person

Party table

Standard  Food Area

If you are having a food package after the session you will get a standard food area free of charge for your group.

VIP Room

Our VIP rooms are comfy private rooms which can be used for the duration of your party as well as after to eat your party food. VIP rooms have sofas, bean bags and a FREE play air hockey/fuzball table. (Photo shown has extra decorations added by guests)

£25 per group (2.5 hour duration)

VIP Room

Vip room

Please note you do not have to book online you can just turn up at the start of any session and pay on arrival.