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Skate / Scoot and Clmb Parties

At revolution all our parties are focused on having fun and giving each participant a chance to fully explore and enjoy their time at Revolution. Parties can be tailored and adapted to suit all your needs we can do as much or as little as you want.  Skate and climb explanation

All parties must be pre-booked as we can get very busy and wouldn’t want you to miss out. We must also receive a deposit to confirm your booking. Deposits will vary depending on the party package you require, (Usually £25 to £50)


Example party running time

0-10 minutes

Party arrival and safety brief

10 – 1.05 hours

Bouldering + 1 rope climb on our 9 metre wall

1.05 – 2.00 hours

Time in the skatepark with all hire equipment

2.00 – 2.30 hours

Party Food, Cake and Party bags

2.30 – 2.35 hours

Parent/ Guardian collection

Please note this is an example of how one of our parties will run and depends on what is booked for the exact running.

Skate / Scoot Instructor

When hiring an instructor the group will spend the time in the skatepark under the watchful eye of our experienced instructor.  The session will start out on a flat section of the skatepark making sure everyone is able to use the scooters or skateboards correctly.  We will then take them around all the areas within the skatepark trying out as many ramps as possible followed by some games, ramp slides etc


Food Area for after your Party

Standard Area

Reserve a designated area in one of our spectator rooms to use after your chosen activities. If you are having our food package the standard room is free of charge


VIP Room

Hire one of our private VIP rooms which you will have from the time you arrive until the end of your party.  The room can be used by parents during the party as well as after for party food.


Party Food Package

Whats Included (based on 10 people)

5X 10inch Pizzas                    10X Sausage Rolls

10X Packs of Crisps               2X Pack of party rings

10X Waffer bars                     10X Cake Bars

10X Slush Puppys                 Squash as Needed

Just £5.50 per person

Add food to your party to make it as simple as a turning up and bringing a cake

Party Bags

Revolution Sticker Sheet                Love Hearts

Revolution Wrist Band                   Fun Games

Revolution Badge                             Lolly Pop

Rainbow Drops                                 Sherbet Stick



FREE party invitations can be picked up when booking your party. Alternatively, visit our ‘Downloads’ page to download and print your own copies for your guests.

Booking Enquiry

Please fill in the enquiry form and someone will phone to discuss your requirements or call us on 01843 866707

Please note you do not have to book online you can just turn up at the start of any session and pay on arrival.