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Private Hire of Revolution

Revolution Skatepark can be hired out for private use however this can only be done at a time we are usually closed. The cost is £180 per hour for up to 20 people and £7pp for every extra person.  In addition to this all our other services we offer i.e hire equipment, instructor and food are also available .

We are also available for hire for other functions such as for TV programmes, commercials and photo shoots etc.

For more information on our private hire please call 01843 866707 or email


Things you can add to your private session

Hire Equipment

Under 16’s must always wear a helmet. Revolution recommends all participants wear full protection however knee and elbow pads are at the parents discretion.

Helmet           £1.50                 Skateboard         £3.50

Wristguards   £1.00                Scooter                £3.50

Elbow Pads     £1.00                Inline Skates      £3.50

Knee Pads       £1.00

Full Package  £5.00 (helmet, all pads and skateboard, scooter or inline skates)

For parties you can bring and use your own equipment and any equipment needed can be arranged on the day (no need to pre-book hire equipment)

Skate / Scoot Instructor

Add an instructor to your party to make sure everyone has the best time. Our instructors are experienced and friendly and can soon work out what each groups requirements are. Generally that is making sure everyone is happy and able to get involved. We cater for small and large groups, young and old and complete beginners or the more advanced riders.  Our instructors can take over any area of the skatepark they choose so parties can have separate areas to themselves. We can teach some groups if desired but more often than not its all about having fun and then learning while doing so. Instructor groups finish off with the famous ramp slide!

All groups come with a certificate and a Revolution sticker.

£25 per hour

Food area for after party

Party Food (bring your own)

Standard Area

Reserve a designated area in one of our spectator rooms to use after your chosen activities. If you are having our food package the standard room is free of charge


VIP Room

Our VIP rooms are comfy private rooms which can be used for the duration of your party as well as after to eat your party food. VIP rooms have sofas, bean bags and a FREE play air hockey/fuzball table. (Photo shown has extra decorations added by guests)

£25 per party (2.5 hour duration)

Party Food Package

Add food to your party to make it as simple as a turning up and bringing a cake

Based on 10 people we offer a great spread for kids including the following

5 X 10inch Pizzas                    10 X Sausage Rolls

10 X Packs of Crisps               2 X Pack of party rings

10 X Biscuit bars                     10 X Cake Bars

10 X Slush drinks                 Blackcurrant/Orange Squash and water as needed

Just £5.50 per person

Party Bags

Our party bags are the finishing touch to every party.

Inside our Revolution printed bags contain the following.

Revolution Sticker Sheet                Love Heart sweets

Revolution Wrist Band                   Fun Gum sweets

Revolution Badge                             Lolly Pop

Rainbow Drops sweet bag             Sherbet Stick

Marshmallow Flump

only £3 per bag


FREE party invitations can be picked up when booking your party. Alternatively, visit our ‘Downloads’ page to download and print your own copies for your guests.

3 types of invitations are available for parties depending on your party..

  • Skate/Scoot
  • Climbing
  • Skate and Climb

Please note you do not have to book online you can just turn up at the start of any session and pay on arrival.